How to chose the best exterior color for you house

Here on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Mother Nature’s punishing effects can really put your homes exterior to the test.

In addition to its protective value, a new coat of paint or stain can be aesthetically transforming . Exterior paints and stains are your home’s best protection against the elements, and how long and how well an exterior paint or stain will do its job to protect your house depends on the quality of the preparation.  Like I love to say, preparation is the key to a beautiful long lasting paint job. My grandfather and father instilled in us the importance of doing the job right the first time and using ONLY the top of the line products.

Remember the “clean, dull & dry” rule from my previous blog?  Well the same rule applies here and J. W. Graham’s exterior process is second to none performed by our “best in the business” employees.

Our process is as follows:

First the entire exterior of the house is gently pressure washed to remove dirt, mildew, algae and salt. We also make sure that all gutters and downspouts are cleared of debris and working properly.

At this point we remove all loose and deteriorated paint from all previously painted surfaces by means of scraping and hand sanding.

Once preparation is complete, we then apply, by brush, one full coat of exterior oil based wood primer. We prefer to use Benjamin Moore’s  Exterior oil based primer (094).

Once primer coat has had ample drying time, we will then seal all joints, seams and cracks using a 30-year warranty latex caulking compound. Caulking compound will be tooled smooth after application.

At this point, we will apply, by brush,  a full coat of finish paint to all prepared surfaces. We prefer to use Benjamin Moore Aura waterborne finish paint.

When selecting the best exterior house paint for your home, keep in mind the durability and overall performance, resistance to mold and mildew, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ease of application, available in colors that resist fading and  environmentally friendly.

At J. W. Graham Painting Co. our skilled craftsmen, of whom we are most proud, have wide breadth of experience and the attention to detail that is necessary to efficiently complete the painting your home. We will deliver attractive, practical, functional and durable finishes through the latest solutions designed and applied by the most qualified personnel for high performance and lasting beauty. The final result will speak for itself and our commitment to excellence shows even in the smallest details.  When selecting exterior paint colors for your home, let J. W. Graham’s decades of experience help you in chosing the best possible colors to highlight your biggest investment.

Here are a few ideas that J. W. Graham Painting uses to help make choosing the best exterior paint colors for your home simple:

•The roof, driveway and chimney are existing elements that won’t be painted but that should play a role in determining your color choices. For a façade that’s partially stone, for example, using a similar color will add visual harmony. If the fixed colors are intense, like a terra-cotta tile roof, a neutral color will bring balance.

•The landscaping is another important factor. Select colors that fit in with the surrounding palette. If you have brilliant-colored spring blooming trees or a sea of green foundation plantings, choose colors that will complement them.

•Choose a color scheme that is compatible with the other houses in the neighborhood. You don’t have to imitate the palette or application exactly, but can put your own individual spin on similar color combinations.

•Regional influences also are bound to affect your choice as you account for the local terrain, seasons, interplay of natural lighting, even history and culture. The South Shore is made up of houses constructed in many different ways over a period of more than three centuries. New architectural styles appeared while others became old-fashioned and died out, but sometimes buildings in different styles were built at the same time. We are fortunate to be in an area that is made up of Georgian style homes from the 1700’s, Federal style captain homes from the 1800’s, Queen Ann, Gothic, Romanesque, contemporary and stick built shingle style from the late 1800’s through 1900’s.

No matter what century your home was built, let J. W. Graham Painting Co. help you beautify and preserve your biggest investment.  If you or anyone you know is in need of an exterior paint job, no matter the size, please contact J. W. Graham Painting Co. at (781) 337-4889 or visit our website at  As we are so fond of saying “we love what we do and you will too”.


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