J. W. Graham, Inc. is fully insured, including public liability, property damage, worker?s compensation, vehicle insurance and a $2,000,000 umbrella insurance policy. Public liability and property damage protects your personal property from damage. Repair or replacement is provided if needed. Workers compensation protects you from being liable if a painter injures himself while in your home. These policies are expensive for legitimate contractors, but they protect you, the customer. Remember many contractors may offer lower bid prices because they don’t have adequate (or ANY) insurance. Don’t put yourself at risk! Certificates of insurance are provided to customers and potential customers, upon request.


Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

J. W. Graham, Inc. is an EPA lead-safe certified firm. Every crew foreman is an EPA Certified Renovator and all employees have received lead-safe training. J. W. Graham, Inc. employees have been trained on how to maintain a hazard free work site. We use the correct tools and equipment for the job and top quality paints, stains & primers in order to guarantee consistent results.

This EPA license ensures that J. W. Graham, Inc. will provide a lead safe work site.

For more information regarding lead safe work sites, please visit?www.epa.gov/lead.

In recent years the coatings industry has undergone many significant changes in response to a growing demand for ?eco-friendly? products as well as changing state and federal regulations. Many of the products we?ve been using for years have been re-formulated to contain lesser amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including a reduction of solvents and the introduction of new resins and pigments. In addition, many of these new raw materials have been combined to form brand new coatings, some with as few as zero VOCs.

J. W. Graham, Inc. has been paying close attention to the recent and ongoing changes in the coatings industry. We are always seeking out new product with a steady focus on quality, durability and value. As manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and California Products introduce new and improved ?eco-friendly? products, we are excited to incorporate them into our family of products.


Some ?green? paints in our current line-up include:

Sherwin Williams, Duration, low odor, low VOC

With Duration Home? Interior Acrylic Latex paint, you’ll enjoy excellent durability and washability for an active home. It is ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways and most stains wipe clean with water. Goes on smoothly and quickly and offers excellent hide.


Benjamin Moore, Natura, low odor, zero VOC

Natura Waterborne Interior Paint continues Benjamin Moore’s commitment to providing the most environmentally friendly paint. Natura Paint emits lower total VOCs than other national zero-VOC products on the market, all without compromise to performance or color selection. Natura is truly “Green Without Compromise?.”


California Paints, Elements, low odor, zero VOC
Flawless Elements Zero VOC is an environmentally preferred, premium quality, 100% acrylic interior paint that provides flawless application and exceptional durability with essentially no odor during and after painting.? Includes Microban antimicrobial protection and is GREEN WISE certified.


Environmentally Friendly

Our guarantee is that J. W. Graham, Inc.?s environmentally friendly preparation, application and containment methods meet and exceed industry standards, while also delivering the premium levels of performance and service our customers have grown to expect for over 100 years.

Sustainability has been defined as ?the capacity to endure?. It makes sense that the most ?green? coatings are those that are designed for durability. And of course, even the best products would certainly fail if not applied carefully and correctly over a properly prepared surface.


J. W. Graham, Inc. takes great care to select and specify materials that are designed to withstand the severe elements New England buildings are exposed to. In addition, we are committed to complete and proper preparation and application methods to guarantee a durable result. Limiting VOCs is an important part of a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment, but we also aim to save energy and expense over the life a project by focusing on durability. The true value of sustainability is a product that endures the test of time.


An added layer?to?our environmental responsibility, we have a 55 gallon sealed container at our facility specifically for used solvents. When your project is completed, you can rest assured that even the smallest amount of hazardous materials from your job, such as paint thinner, lacquer, stain, stripper and shellac are responsibly contained, returned to our shop and placed in our sealed container. Quarterly, this drum is emptied by a federally certified waste disposal company. We are committed to waste minimization, outstanding product stewardship, and the responsible disposal of our hazardous materials. We strongly believe that all companies that generate hazardous materials can benefit greatly by having their waste recycled.

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