Surface Preparation For Interior Painting

Surface Preparation the Key to Success

There are many benefits to a professional interior paint job:

  • Choosing the right professional painting contractor
  • Surface preparation
  • Painting system

All of these factors contribute to a lasting paint job with surface prep being the most important task. The proper preparation of the surface to be painted assures that the paint system (primer, finish paint you and the painter selected) will bond to the surface.  This is called adhesion.    Think of adhesion in this way; the better the paint sticks the longer it will last. This applies to any paint job on any surface.  One of your painter’s goal is to provide you with a beautiful long lasting paint job.  This blog will outline the process to get you there.


Listed below are the steps to take for a proper surface preparation:

  1. Scrape all failing (loose) paint
  2. Clean the surface to be painted using hot water & TSP (tri-sodium phosphate)
  3. Patch holes and cracks with spackle or plaster
  4. Sand the surface smooth (plaster, spackle, woodwork, trim)
  5. Dust, vacuum, wet wipe the sanded area with water
  6. Apply primer
  7. Lightly sand and wet wipe primed area
  8. Apply finish coat of paint

Not all painters use this process but J. W. Graham Painting Co. has seen excellent results using this system.  Please visit our website to learn more about the topics mentioned above.  Our goal is to provide our customers the best value for their hard earned money.


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