What’s in the paint can?

red-paint-can-2As a professional painter, I’ve often wondered what exactly we’re applying here? What’s in the paint can? It seems pretty simple but it’s actually a miracle of science. These simple yet necessary components blended together to create a product that has been protecting and beautifying the interiors & exteriors of countless homes, churches, schools and businesses in the Boston Mass metropolitan area for hundreds of years!


What a can of paint contains.

LIQUIDS: Simply the vehicle or carrier that allows you to get the paint from the can to the substrate. This is the component that eventually evaporates after curing is complete leaving behind the following 3 ingredients.

PIGMENT: Provides coverage, color and hiding properties.

ADDITIVES: The extra ingredients that give paint specific performance characteristics it wouldn’t otherwise have. Examples include mildewcides (to prevent mildew) and rheology modifiers (thickeners that give paint the body needed for coverage).

BINDERS: Provide adhesion and resistance to cracking, blistering and peeling.
But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many “miracle” components they put in each can of paint… If the surface isn’t prepared properly, paint will not last.

It’s all in the preparation!

I was taught by my father to follow a simple theory if the surface isn’t “CD&D” (clean, dull & dry), nothing will holdpaint scraping up. J. W. Graham’s preparation process has been handed down over 6 generations and this process produces long lasting paint jobs which are 2nd to none. This is why we can provide the best paint warranty for you. The result of this process is a pleasant experience and a beautiful long lasting paint job to enjoy for years to come.  At J. W. Graham Painting Co, our goal is to give you the best possible service, win your trust and confidence to create customers for life.

As we always say “we love what we do and you will too”!

By Peter V. Vitello
Professional Painter
Co-Owner of J.W. Graham Painting Company


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