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Wallpapering is a centuries old decorating idea that is still a popular choice today.

WallpaperingWallpaper has been around since the 16th century and is still a popular way today to decorate a home with unique textures, patterns and colors. Selecting, removing and hanging wallpaper can be daunting, but a professional paper hanger can make the job seamless and create an effect that lasts for years.

Wallpaper comes in various coatings, some that require specific adhesives and installation. Additionally, wallpapers are available is many patterns, colors and textures that personalize a room. There are vinyl, foil, mylar, glass/cloth, and flocked finishes.

Vinyl coated coverings has a paper backing and is easy to clean with soap and water while solid sheet vinyl is more durable and can be scrubbed. Vinyl is best used in a kitchen or bathroom since it can stand up to moisture and steam. It can also be used in a children?s room because of its easy to clean abilities.

Glass/cloth has strands of glass woven together creating a textured look. These are a good choice for walls with imperfections but should not be used. Foil or metallic finishes reflect light and adds sheen in a small room. They should be used on walls that are in perfect or near perfect condition since the reflections can show even minor bumps or cracks. Flocked paper has raised velvet patterns and can be used on walls with slight imperfections.

Wallpaper is a great way to hide walls that are not so perfect looking. There are many colors and patterns available. Dark colors can make a room seem smaller while light colors give a room a larger appearance. Be careful when selecting patterns. Small prints or patterns are best for a smaller space. Large patterns, however, are not always best for a small room, either, since they can appear overpowering.

However, large patterns can create a bold look in a small room, such as a bathroom. For a large room, patterns that are open are best suited and geometric prints can give the impression of spaciousness in a room. A horizontal pattern gives a room a wide look while vertical lines make the ceiling appear higher. Diagonal patterns make a room ?flow.?

Small prints with fine texture and light color make a small room appear more spacious. Warm darks colors with small prints work well in a kitchen or bathroom.

Consider creating a border near the ceiling by painting several inches between the ceiling and the wallpaper for a unique look. This works well for wallpaper with a large print or pattern. Wallpapering a closet, even just one wall, can add flair. Instead of painting the risers of a staircase, use wallpaper. Geometric or floral patterns work best and can be complimented by painting the trim a glossy white.
Wallpaper a ceiling? Why not? If your ceiling has exposed beams or skylights, wallpaper can accentuate these features. Wallpaper can also work well on a sloped or irregular ceiling. Leftover wallpaper doesn?t have to be thrown in the trash. Trim a scrap, frame it, and create an instant and unique piece of art.

Wallpaper comes in single or double rolls and is often confusing to consumers. A single 21-inch wide roll is about 16-1/2 feet long and a 27-inch wide roll is about 13-1/2 feet long. A double roll of 21-inch wide wallpaper is 33 feet long while a double 27-inch wide roll is 27 feet long.

Wallpaper comes pre-pasted, peelable or dry-strippable. Pre-pasted has adhesive on the backing that is activated by wetting. Non-pasted requires adhesive to be applied. Peelable paper peels off and leaves a paper backing while dry-strippable paper removes completely.

Have fun with wallpaper. The centuries old decorating idea is still a popular choice today.

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